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Uprising tells the story of the Egyptian revolution from the perspective of its leadership and key organizers, their struggle for freedom against tremendous odds, their sacrifice, and the courage and ingenuity that allowed them to […]

The Secret Scandal

An actress dies. A reporter then investigates the case and a female prosecutor seeks justice. In order to reveal the truth behind the actress’s death, the reporter and the female prosecutor begin to fight against […]

The Peach Tree

One body, two souls but one heart. Our heart beats simultaneously. . We are the most exceptional ones, but most unwelcomed, Siamese twins. Our lives have been retired from the world, until she appeared

The Spies

Together with his three comrades, Agent Kang, Agent Woo and Adviser Yoon, Agent Kim was sent to South Korea 10 years ago for a special mission… Now they are finally hearing back from North Korea.

Anton Corbijn Inside Out

Anton Corbijn Inside Out is an intimate and revealing portrait of an influential artist and the result of almost four years of filming.

Old Goats

Old Goats is the hilarious and heartfelt story of a trio of gutsy septuagenarians who “refuse to go quietly into that good night”.

Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Cardio Explosion

Billy Blanks is exploding on the scene with his best cardio workout ever, Tae Bo® Cardio Explosion! This workout will get you dripping with sweat, as you watch the inches fall off and your body […]

The Cat

A young woman is murdered on an elevator and the only witness is her cat Bidan. Her friend So-yeon brings the cat home and wild and disturbing things begin to happen.