VISITORS is the fourth collaboration of director Godfrey Reggio and composer Philip Glass now joined by filmmaker Jon Kane, advancing the film form pioneered by The Qatsi Triliogy (Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, and Naqoyqatsi): the non-spoken narrative experience where each viewer’s response is radically different yet undeniably visceral. As Reggio explains, “VISITORS is aimed at the solar plexus, at the appetite within us all, the atmosphere of our soul. I see the film as a meditation, as a transcendental event.” Comprised of only seventy-four shots, a series of human, animal and landscape portraits, VISITORS takes movie watchers on an emotional journey to the moon and back. As “a wondrous work of artistic achievement…art with a capital A” (Austin Chronicle), VISITORS moves into a class of film all its own.

Bonus Features

Behind-the-Scenes; Personal Interviews with Godfrey Reggio, Philip Glass, Jon Kane, Steven Soderbergh; Trailers; The Making Of VISITORS (VICE/The Creators Project)

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  • $29.95 DVD Single.
  • $34.95 2-disc set (Blu-Ray; DVD).
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