Andy Bichlbaum Biography

Andy Bichlbaum is a guy from Tucson, Arizona, who has held a bunch of jobs and was fired from pretty much all of them. He has a “terminal” degree in experimental fiction writing, of which he published a couple of books that made him so rich and lazy that he took up computer programming to pass the time. While “working” as a programmer, he spent some time orchestrating the infamous “Simcopter Hack,” in which 80,000 copies of a macho video game were found—shortly after being shipped to stores—to be “enhanced” with swarms of kissing boys. Fired yet again, he became a celebrity among a small but interesting group of lazy queer hackers, and enjoyed the attention so much that he went on to found the notorious “anti-corporate corporation”, a website that matched illegal activist projects with investors and skilled helpers.

This Web 0.5 site generated lots of attention in the media and was mistaken as art by a number of curators, who included it in the Whitney Biennial and other major shows. In the course of running RTMark, Bichlbaum and his conspirator Mike Bonanno stumbled into starting The Yes Men when a fake WTO website they created accidentally received an invitation from a law conference in Austria. Today, in addition to Andy’s many jobs with The Yes Men, he teaches at Parsons, The New School for Design.

Andy Bichlbaum – Director/Writer/Producer