Jean-Xavier de Lestrade Biography

After studying journalism and law in Paris, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade created “Tribulations,” his own TV news agency in 1987. At “Tribulations,” Lestrade directed and produced numerous reports for European television over a five-year period.

In 1992, Lestrade became a freelance director, dedicating himself to making documentaries that address and scrutinize societal taboos and justice. Specific topics include sex crimes (“Rapes and Punishments,” “Innocents on the Run,” “Incest in Courtrooms”), incurable child diseases (“Children Full of Hope”), death (“This is the End, This is the Life”), and genocide, in Rwanda and in Australia specifically (“Of Justice and Men,” “A White and Pure Australia”).

Since 1995, Lestrade has collaborated with producer Denis Poncet, both at the company of French filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier, and through their own company, MAHA productions. MURDER ON A SUNDAY MORNING marks de Lestrade’s ninth documentary feature film.