Josh Aronson Biography

A graduate of New York University’s Film School, Josh Aronson has directed and produced films in almost every area of the film business over the past 15 years. Aronson has directed hundreds of television commercials and MTV videos across America, and through his relationship with Michael Apted’s Beechurst Films in London, he has directed widely in Europe as well. Most recently, Aronson directed a television special and a dramatic pilot for Nickelodeon and 16 episodes of the Outward Bound series for the Discovery Channel.

Aronson’s 1999 documentary feature, SOUND AND FURY, debuted at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival and went on to a successful theatrical run. Aronson received an Academy Award nomination that year for his work as director on the film. Besides an Oscar nomination, Aronson has won many honors including the Ace Awards, Clios, a New York Industrial Film Festival Award, and the Public Service Award of Excellence in Film. Aronson is presently in production on “Feelin No Pain,” a documentary feature about doo-wop music.

“I’ve heard feedback in conferences and panel discussions across America in which people (including teachers of the deaf) from both sides tell me they had never understood the perspective of the other side before they saw Sound and Fury. I’m proudest of this achievement. What I always wanted in Sound and Fury was to make a plea for acceptance of choice. It is the right and the obligation of all parents to make these choices for their children. I pray the film will also encourage parents to educate themselves about all the possibilities before making the decision to, or not to, implant their child.”