Kate Davis Biography

Davis’ theatrical films include “Girltalk,” a feature-length film about three abused, runaway girls, “A World Alive,” “Requiem for the Planet,” “Total Baby,” and “Vacant Lot.” Her works have been screend at theaters across the country, and broadcast worldwide (including Channel 4 in England and La Sept in France). Awards include a CINE Golden Eagle and prizes at the Chicago Film Festival, the USA Film Festival, the Houston International Film Festival, the Leningrad Film Festival, the New England Film Festival, and the Oberhousen International Film Festival.

Kate Davis also produced the critically acclaimed “Transgender Revolution” for A&E Television Networks, a documentary on the gender community’s fight for civil rights. Additional producing credits include “Anti-Gay Hate Crimes,” “Untying the Straightjacket” and “Hooked on a Dream,” also for A&E.

As an editor, Kate has worked on feature documentaries including “Paris is Burning,” “Sherman’s March to the Sea,” and “American Babylon.”

“For over ten years I’ve been making films about misunderstood people on the margins of society, beginning with ‘Girltalk,’  a feature documentary about runaway teenage girls. The way minority groups are mistreated has always seemed to me to be closely tied to ignorance, and so my approach to my film subjects is to move in very close, to take audiences in to the personal space of those considered different, a place where it becomes harder to shut the door on them.”