Kenton Vaughan Biography

Kenton Vaughan has worked in television and documentary production since 1991 when he joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In 1997, Vaughan began his career as an independent filmmaker by producing, directing and writing the documentary “Turning Away” – the sad but unsentimental story of two young people growing older on the streets of Toronto ‚ which was broadcast on the CBC documentary series Witness in January 1998.

Vaughan continued his directing effort with the National Film Board of Canada production, TODD McFARLANE: THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, an intriguing look at the most successful comic book artist in history. Vaughan is currently directing episodes of “Little Miracles” and “Opening Soon,” two documentary series for the Life network and teaching documentary filmmaking at the Sheridan College of Animation and Emerging Technologies.

“What fascinates me about Todd as a subject is the complexity of his character. At times, you love him; at times, you hate him. You can’t help but laugh at his jokes one moment, and then scoff at his opinions the next. Too often, documentaries portray their subjects solely in terms of heroes and villains, perpetrators and victims, and in black and white. That’s not life. Just like Todd, life is filled with ambiguity and contradictions. As a filmmaker, I leave the black and white to others. Instead, I explore the brilliant shades of gray that make real life mysterious and utterly fascinating.”