Melissa Hacker

“I grew up knowing bits and pieces of my mother’s past but never the whole story. My sister and I knew that she had been born in Austria and that our grandparents had sent her on a train to England by herself when she was thirteen years old. But I didn’t find out until recently that other children had gone too ‘ that she was rescued by the Kindertransport movement.”

A graduate of the film school at New York University and a sometime professor there, Melissa Hacker has worked as an editor for the National Geographic Television and the PBS/BBC American Cinema Series. She has been an assistant editor on many documentary films including the popular “Paris is Burning;” the 1988 Academy® Award winner “The Ten Year Lunch: The Wit and Legend of the Algonquin Round Table;” “Indians, Outlaws and Miss Angie Debo,” a documentary film for the PBS history series The American Experience; and “L.A. is Burning” for the PBS series Frontline.

Hacker grew up on feature film sets watching her mother‚ Ruth Morley, Academy® Award-nominated costume designer behind such American classics as “The Miracle Worker,” “Taxi Driver,” “Annie Hall,” and “Tootsie”‚ at work. MY KNEES WERE JUMPING: REMEMBERING THE KINDERTRANPORTS is Hacker’s directorial debut.