Michael Rauch Biography

WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE is the second film directed by Michael Rauch, and the first project he has directed using digital video.  Rauch’s first feature, “In the Weeds,” which he wrote and directed, was bought by Miramax and will be released in 2004.

Rauch’s credits as a screenwriter also include, “The Best Revenge,” produced by Allegro Films and Saban Entertainment, as well as “Dirt,” optioned by Diane Keaton’s production company, Starstruck, and the recently completed “Ripple,” which he plans on directing.

Aside from film, Rauch has worked extensively in television where he has created and directed pilots for Fox, ABC, the WB, and UPN. Rauch is a graduate of the Columbia University Film Division, where his short film, “The In-Between” screened at film festivals around the world.