Michel Negroponte Biography

Michel Negroponte is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker with such directing credits as “Space Coast,” “Silver Valley,” JUPITER’S WIFE, “No Accident,” and W.I.S.O.R.

In 1995, JUPITER’S WIFE was awarded a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and the Grand Prize for Best Feature Documentary at the Vancouver Film Festival and the Santa Barbara Film Festival. The film was also awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Documentary. Originally shot on small format video, it premiered on HBO/Cinemax before getting a nationwide 35 mm theatrical release.

In 2000, he released W.I.S.O.R., which Ross McElwee described as “the best science fiction documentary ever made.” He is currently finishing his first dramatic film, “The Sightseer.” In addition to his own work, he recently co-produced three other feature documentaries: “Bookwars” by Jason Rosette, “Fastpitch” by Jeremy Spear, and the Academy Award-nominated CHILDREN UNDERGROUND by Edet Belzberg.

“Whether it’s a documentary or a fiction film, I don’t know if I make a great deal of distinction. What I find exciting is that there are people who want to share stories about the world around them, about people they have met, about themselves. And they want to tell them in ways that are exciting and enticing and interesting. When people try to chart out new territory or discover new ways to tell stories, I find that really wonderful. I think it’s brave.”