Murray Lerner

A 1948 graduate of Harvard University, Murray Lerner has produced a great variety of films, including commercials, industrials, and theatrical shorts, as well as full-length documentaries and television specials.

Lerner’s most notable achievement was the three weeks he spent shooting 200,000 feet of film in China for his Academy Award® winning FROM MAO TO MOZART a touching documentary about virtuoso Isaac Stern’s extraordinary journey to China and the music that bridged two different cultures.

Virtually every film Lerner has produced has won an important award at a major film festival; “Secrets of the Reef” was voted one of the “Ten Best” by Time Magazine, “To Be a Man” won a Blue Ribbon First Prize at the American Film Festival, and “Festival,” a full length documentary featuring Bob Dylan, won the San Giorgio award at the Venice International Film Festival as well as an Academy Award® nomination.