Nina Davenport Biography

Nina Davenport began her filmmaking career shortly after she graduated from Harvard, where she received a B.A. in Visual Studies. Upon graduating, Davenport won a Gardner Fellowship to go to India, where she shot her first film Hello Photo, entirely with a silent movie camera. The film premiered at the Rotterdam International Film & Video Festival in 1996 and went on to play at many film festivals throughout the world as well as receiving numerous awards.

In 1996, Davenport received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to go to Mexico where she filmed “Los Pericos (The Parrots),” a documentary about a pair of blind street musicians. Davenport’s first feature, ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID‚ a quirky personal documentary about her fear of spinsterhood‚ aired on Cinemax REEL LIFE and was theatrically released in 2001.

“Making ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID was cathartic. I realized being alone wasn’t so bad. I still want to get married, but I think I’m more calm and comfortable with myself now.”