Ralph Arlyck Biography

Ralph Arlyck’s film work includes “Current Events,” which was selected Best Documentary at the Atlanta Film Festival and aired on PBS and the BBC; “An Acquired Taste,” regarded as a classic of the personal-essay genre; and the acclaimed “Godzilla Meets Mona Lisa,” a whimsical tour of Paris’ Pompidou Center. He has won awards at Sundance, the New York and London Film Festivals, the Prix Italia and other gatherings. Arlyck has been a prominent advocate for American independent producers, twice testifying before Congress and once before the Carnegie Commission on the importance of independent filmmakers to public television’s mission. He writes on production issues for several media journals. Arlyck is a former member of the Board of INPUT, the international television seminar, and the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers (AIVF). He is also a long-standing participant in the distribution cooperative New Day Films.

Arlyck received a bachelor’s degree in English from Colgate University and a master of science from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. He lives in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., with his wife, Elisabeth, who teaches at Vassar College.  He has taught film production at Vassar, the State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo and SUNY Purchase.

“Most of us are constantly trying to figure out what we can claim for ourselves versus what we owe our families — the ones we live with, the ones that created us and the ones that will continue after us,” says Ralph Arlyck.  “That was what was so wonderful about going back and finding Sean and the people around him, to see how an atypical American family — don’t forget we’re talking about hippies, commies and other ‘fringe elements’ — can still represent major currents of what was happening in America then, and still happens today.”