Ronnie Planalp Biography

Ronnie Planalp’s career has spanned senior roles in investment banking, publishing, the internet, recorded music, and film, with a significant focus on the international markets.  She worked in investment banking at Goldman Sachs for seven years following her graduation from Boston University’s College of Communication and Columbia University’s Graduate School for Business.

While living overseas in Hong Kong, Ronnie began her international media career and spent the next ten years there and in the UK in various business development and strategy roles for companies including Time Warner, Excite Europe and EMI Recorded Music.  Her most recent corporate role was as the Director of Film for the Producer’s Alliance for Cinema and Television based in London. It was during this time when she worked with the independent film producing community in the UK that she concluded that producing documentary films with a specific message might be the most rewarding career she could pursue.

Shortly after moving back to New York City in 2004 Ronnie joined the Film Society of Lincoln Center as a trustee.  The Film Society is best known for curating the NY Film Festival and the New Directors/New Films festival.  She also became an Advisory Board member of the Social Enterprise Program at Columbia Business School.  It was then that she began a dialogue with her long time friend from Columbia, Lori Miller, about making a film about the Van Cliburn amateur competition.  Ronnie grew up playing the flute, began piano in her 30’s, guitar in her 40’s and strongly identified with the themes of the film – pursuing your passion at all ages and not giving up.  She came on as Executive Producer and has been immensely gratified by the experience.

RONNIE PLANALP, executive producer