Scott J. Gill Biography

Scott J. Gill has worked in virtually every aspect of the film business. In addition to writing and directing PORN STAR, he also served as editor, cameraman and producer.

Gill started in narrative film as an assistant editor to noted film editors Dody Dorn (“Memento”) and Arthur Coburn (“Spiderman”). He traveled the world working on motion pictures as diverse as “Dangerous Beauty,” “Solomon and Sheba” and “Sunset Park.” Scott then made the move up to the position of film editor, cutting independent features such as “Phantasm III,” “Phantasm: Oblivion,” “Bubba Ho-Tep,” and “Tweaker” for distributors including MGM and Universal. Indulging his interest in screenwriting, Gill subsequently wrote two screenplays for The Producer’s Entertainment Group, “Shadowers” and “Gideon’s Closet,” and directed several award-winning narrative shorts including the title “Serenity” for DreamWorks’

Peppered throughout his career Scott has cut countless television shows for networks including Fox, Disney, and MTV, and, more recently, has produced and/or directed over 20 television commercials. In 1999, Gill turned his attention to his lifelong passion for documentaries directing ‘The Blood Earth,’ the story of a survivor of the Cambodian killing fields shot entirely on location in South-East Asia. Looking for a lighter subject, Scott followed this with producing and directing PORN STAR. The film has garnered wide critical praise, won several international film festivals, and was nominated for Best Documentary of the Year by the Chicago Film Critics Association. Gill is the founder of Rubicon, a production company based in Venice, California.