My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Directed by Osca Humphreys, Sam Emmery, Daniel Fromm and Morag Tinto

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding enters the world of modern gypsies and travelers, where ancient traditions meet extravagant fashions in extraordinary rite‐of‐passage celebrations including weddings, communions and christenings. All 12 episodes of Season 1 and 2, plus three one-hour specials, tell intimate stories on an epic scale, laying bare an exotic and unseen community that exists right on our doorstep. Follow the lives of several families as they approach the biggest milestone in a traveler girl’s life: her wedding day, a visual spectacle with flamboyant dresses sometimes weighing more than the bride herself. And delve deeper into their lives through births, evictions, divorces, and their complex relationship with the “non-gypsy” community. Through everyday experiences and family celebrations learn what makes a thoroughly modern gypsy.

Bonus Features

BONUS FEATURES: All three original specials including: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding – The Original Film; My Bigger Fatter Gypsy Wedding; My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas

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  • $29.95 DVD 4-pk SET.
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My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

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