Predators of the Sea Collection

With precision and command, ocean predators’ prowess is unmatched. The shark, a fusion of terror and beauty, effortlessly tracks and devours its prey.  The killer whale, nature’s poetry in motion, is cunning and relentless in its quest to survive. From sharks and giant squids to massive whales, the kingdom of the deep is ruled by a host of amazing creatures.   In this new 8-part collection, National Geographic goes beneath the surface to reveal the unforgiving and fascinating nature of life in our seas.

Programs include Squid vs. Whale, Planet Carnivore: Sharks, Whales: The Dark Side, Shark Pit Mystery, Built for the Kill: Killer Whale,  Built for the Kill: Great White Shark, Python Hunters: Caimans of the Caribbean, and Dangerous Encounters: Deadliest Sharks.

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Predators of the Sea Collection
Predators of the Sea Collection

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