The Calling Directed by David Ranghelli

"The Calling is a beautiful's a Poetic Spiritual meditation." Barbara Kopple

Life is a calling. And every call is both thrilling and daunting. Transporting viewers to distant lands and into deep regions of the human soul, The Calling reveals the joys and anxieties of those drawn to religious life. This acclaimed documentary provides a glimpse into the personal nature of belief and the bonds of family, as it delves into the fundamental and enduring questions that provide meaning and value to our lives.


WINNER - Best International Documentary: 7th Queens Intl. Film Festival - 2009
WINNER - Best Documentary Feature: 4th Costa Rica Intl. Film Festival - 2010
WINNER - Special Mention for Cinematic Achievement: 4th Gasparilla Intl. Film Festival - 2010
WINNER - Best Documentary: 8th Reel Rasquache Art & Film Festival - 2011

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The Calling

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