Skills Like This Directed by Monty Miranda, 2009

An exhilarating and humorous study of youthful anomie, SKILLS LIKE THIS revolves around a group of close-knit friends whose shiftless lives go topsy-turvy when wild-haired Max (Spencer Berger) drops his failed writing career and takes up something he believes he’s really good at: stealing. His first bank heist plunges him into an unlikely but thrilling romance with sexy bank teller Lucy (Kerry Knuppe), who, after handing over a bag stuffed with cash, finds herself torn between Max and the law.

Faced with their friend’s new career path, the doltish but impossibly upbeat Tommy (Brian D. Phelan) is primed for adventure, while straitlaced Dave (Gabriel Tigerman), ever the adult, worries about the consequences. As Max steps up his crime spree, the friends have to make hard — if not hilariously awkward — choices about the direction of their lives.

Artfully directed by Monty Miranda, SKILLS LIKE THIS bristles with rock’n’roll energy — underscored by the sounds of Denver’s music scene — and a cast whose “offbeat chemistry” (New York Times) is something to behold. A comedy for anyone who’s ever wanted to find something they’re really good at, SKILLS LIKE THIS is as smart as it is funny.

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