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A spectacular and suspenseful story of space exploration, BLAST! is astrophysics Indiana Jones-style

May 6, 2011 – To many, the Universe is an enigma that cannot possibly be understood.  That has not stopped countless researchers from striving to comprehend bits and pieces, one measurement at a time. How did the universe evolve from smooth gas at its beginnings to an ordered structure made up of billions of galaxies, planets and stars? How did we get here? These and other questions are explored in BLAST!

Five-time Emmy® winner Paul Devlin directed this feature-length science adventure story, which follows his brother, astrophysicist Mark Devlin, and his team from Arctic Sweden to Antarctica as they attempt to launch a revolutionary telescope beneath a NASA high-altitude balloon. In the history of space exploration, this is the first time a telescope has been specifically designed to look back in time to observe the birth and evolution of stars, as well as a hidden universe of never-before-seen galaxies.

“Astrophysicists have an opportunity to revolutionize what our culture thinks of our place in the universe,” said Mark Devlin.

The Balloon-borne Large Aperture Sub-millimeter Telescope – BLAST – is launched underneath a specialized NASA helium balloon that inflates to the size of a football stadium as it reaches the top of the atmosphere. BLAST floats with the wind while the sophisticated detectors map the sky for 10-12 days.  Then BLAST is dropped 35 kilometers by parachute, with the hope that the scientists can execute a difficult recovery in extremely remote locations to find the hard drives and their precious data intact.

BLAST! follows the action as it happens across five continents, all the way to Antarctica, revealing the struggles and mishaps  the team endure. With unprecedented access through his brother, Paul boldly breaks with the conventions of science content, focusing on the humanity of scientists. We experience first-hand the hardships that ambitious scientific research places on the families of scientists, as Mark spends many months away from his wife and children. The philosophical implications of such research are explored by Mark, an agnostic, and his colleague Barth Netterfield, a born-again Christian.

From catastrophic failure to transcendent triumph, BLAST! exposes the surprising real life of scientists.

“This absorbing documentary leads to some unexpected twists and turns and comedic hand-wringing,” said The New York Times.

BLAST! was an official selection at the Hot Docs, Sheffield, Florida, Hawaii, and Thessaloniki film festivals and is the winner of the best documentary award at Vedere La Scienza Festival in Milan.  BLAST! has broadcast extensively in international territories, including a global broadcast on BBC World News reaching up to 120 countries.  In the U.S., BLAST! has broadcast on PBS and has been featured on NPR’s Science Friday and in an interview by Stephen Colbert with Mark Devlin on The Colbert Report.

The scientific results from BLAST made headlines when they were published in Nature, which declared that BLAST had discovered “a hidden Universe of star-burst galaxies.”  BLAST  – the experiment and the movie – is the cover story of the June 2011 issue  of Sky and Telescope, one of the most popular science magazines.

“This adventuresome spin on breakthrough science should wow ’em!” – Variety

BLAST! is directed by Paul Devlin; produced by Devlin, Claire Missanelli and Louise Rosen; edited by Devlin and Laura Minnear. The DVD features additional scenes including “Werner Herzog visits BLAST”; and theatrical trailers.

Pricing:  $29.95 US
Runtime: 74 mins., plus extras
Rating:  NR
Catalog #: NNVG247881
Language: English
Color: Color
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Genre: Documentary

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