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High school senior Carson Phillips (Chris Colfer, Glee) was destined for bigger things than his close-minded small town could ever offer. He was on a path to greatness, but destiny had a different plan when he was suddenly killed by a bolt of lightning in his school parking lot.

Demonstrating that life is what happens while you’re busy planning your future, Carson recounts the last few weeks of his life via witty, insightful flashbacks, including a blackmail scheme targeting the popular kids in school that he concocts with his best friend (Rebel Wilson, Pitch Perfect ), a home life that includes a mother (Allison Janney, JunoThe West Wing) who’s more interested in the bottle than her son’s future, and an estranged father (Dermot Mulroney, New Girl, My Best Friend’s Wedding) who suddenly appears with a pregnant fiancée (Christina Hendricks, Mad Men).

Following a theatrical and digital release in January 2013, STRUCK BY LIGHTNING releases May 21 on Blu-ray and DVD from Cinedigm and Tribeca Film. The film also stars Sarah Hyland (Modern Family), Angela Kinsey (The Office), Ashley Rickards (Awkward.) and Polly Bergen (Cry-baby). A companion book written by Colfer, Struck by Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal, debuted in November 2012.

STRUCK BY LIGHTNING is directed by Brian Dannelly; written by Chris Colfer;  executive produced by Jason Michael Berman, Chris Colfer, Glenn Rigberg, Lawrence Kopeikin, produced by David Permut; Lawrence Kopeikin; edited by Tia Nolan. Bonus features include Story Behind the Scene, An interview with Chris Colfer and Brian Dannelly, Bloopers and Deleted Scenes.

Pricing:                                $26.95 US
BD/DVD Combo Pack: $29.95 US
Runtime:                             90 mins. + extras
Rating:                                 NR
Catalog #:                           NNVG283480
BD Catalog #:                    NNVG286201
Language:                          English
Color:                                   Color
Audio Format:                  Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Genre:                                  Drama

Based on Irvine Welsh’s best-selling book, Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance, ECSTASY is a twisted tale that explores the euphoric highs and the devastating lows of a chemical romance. Lloyd (Adam Sinclair, Lip Service) is on top of the world – beautiful girls, great club sounds, and a never ending supply of the love drug, sustained by a smuggling sideline for the local drug boss Solo (Carlo Rota, Saw V). But when he meets Heather (Kristin Kreuk, Smallville) he is forced to question if the love he feels is real or just another chemical high. As cracks start to appear in his world he realizes he wants out. If he can just pull off one last trip for Solo, he’ll be free.

ECSTASY was the winner of the Jury Prize at the 2012 Honolulu International Festival, the Grand Jury Award for Best Foreign Feature at the Mexico International Film Festival, the Best Cinematography Award at the Milan International Film Festival and the Festival Prize at the Sacramento International Film Festival. The film features music from Coldplay, DJ Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, and more.

ECSTASY is directed and produced by Rob Heydon; executive produced by Michael Heydon, Ashley Pover and Joni Cuquet; written by Ben Tucker; edited by Jeremy Munce; music by Craig McConnell.

Pricing:                                $26.95 US
Runtime:                             100 mins. + extras
Rating:                                 NR
Catalog #:                           NNVG287511
Language:                          English
Color:                                   Color
Audio Format:                  Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Genre:                                  Drama

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