World-Renowned Director Takashi Miike’s “HARA-KIRI: DEATH OF A SAMURAI” Releases January 22 on DVD and Blu-ray



Released Day-Date in Theaters, Cable VOD and Digital Platforms July 2012


“Superb filmmaking!”—Boston Globe


December 19, 2012New York, New YorkHARA-KIRI: DEATH OF A SAMURAI, a remake of Masaki Kobayashi’s 1962 classic samurai film, Harakiri, tells the story of Hanshirô (Ebizô Ichikawa), a samurai who arrives at the doorstep of his feudal lord and requests an honorable death by ritual suicide in his courtyard. The lord threatens him with the brutal tale of Motome (Eita), a desperate young ronin (a samurai with no lord or master) who made a similar request with ulterior motives, only to meet a grisly end. Undaunted, Hanshirô begins to tell his own story with an ending no one could foresee.

Directed by visionary auteur Takashi Miike (13 Assassins, Audition), HARA-KIRI releases January 22 on DVD from Cinedigm Entertainment Group, a division of Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. (NASDAQ: CIDM), and Tribeca Film. Following its release on Cable VOD and digital platforms on July 17, the film began screening in 3D at select theaters on July 20 and continued releasing in cities across the country throughout the summer and fall.

Set in 17th-century Japan, HARA-KIRI examines the “ritual suicide by self-disembowelment,” that a ronin performs at the house of a noble lord. In some cases, they make a request for hara-kiri without intending to follow through, knowing that they will be sent away with money. As Hanshirô continues to tell his story to the lord, his connection to Motome is revealed through a series of flashbacks and his true intentions for visiting the house become clearer.

With stunning cinematography and gripping performances, HARA-KIRI is a thrilling exploration of revenge, honor and individuality in the face of oppressive power.

“What excites me about resurrecting this film from the past is being able to feel first-hand the existence of the universal human suffering which HARA-KIRI depicts at its core as it transcends time, genres and countries,” said Miike.

The film was nominated for several awards, including Palme d’Or at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, Best Art Direction and Best Supporting Actress at the 2012 Japan Academy Awards and Best Composer and Best Supporting Actress at the Asian Film Awards.

HARA-KIRI: DEATH OF A SAMURAI is directed by Takashi Miike; produced by Toshiki Komatsu, Toshiaki Nakazawa and Jeremy Thomas; written by Kikumi Yamagishi; edited by Kenji Yamashita. Based on Yasuhiko Takiguchi’s novel of the same name. Bonus features include: Geoff Gilmore, Chief Creative Officer of Tribeca Film, discusses HARA-KIRI, Presented by American Express.

Pricing:                                $26.95 US/$29.95 CAN
BD Pricing:                        $29.95 US/$34.95 CAN
Runtime:                             126 mins. + extras
Rating:                                 NR
Catalog #:                           NNVG281810
BD Catalog #:                    NNVG292390
Language:                          Japanese with English subtitles
Color:                                   Color
Audio Format:                  Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Genre:                                  Martial Arts, Action

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