My Kingdom play
My Kingdom

A story of honor, love and revenge set against the backdrop of the Chinese opera during its heyday in 1920s Shanghai, MY KINGDOM centers on two sworn brothers and their quest to regain their master’s […]

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Beginning of the Great Revival play
Beginning of the Great Revival

BEGINNING OF THE GREAT REVIVAL details the historic events surrounding the Chinese Revolution—the period from 1911 to 1921 when Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Qing Dynasty and planted the roots of what has become modern-day China’s […]

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If You Are the One: Love and Marriage play
If You Are the One: Love and Marriage

IF YOU ARE THE ONE: LOVE & MARRIAGE follows the comedic courtship saga of wealthy, middle-aged retiree Qin Fen (Ge You, To Live) and serious-minded young air hostess Xiaoxiao (Shu Qi, The Transporter). After an […]

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What Women Want play
What Women Want

Chauvinistic advertising executive Zigang Sun (pop superstar Andy Lau, Infernal Affairs) is not known as a good husband, a good father or a good son. None of this bothers Zigang, since he’s focused entirely on […]

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The Warring States play
The Warring States

Sun Bin (Sun Hong-Lei, Mongol), purported descendant of the Art of War author Sun Tzu, is a brilliant military strategist steadily advancing in the ranks of war during China’s Warring States Period (fifth to third […]

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